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Trucks to deliver  and  awesome technicians to assemble and install your workspace furniture, cubicles-  We have the trucks to deliver your furniture, workspace and cubicles. And also the technicians to put it all together for you. So you don’t have to worry about setting it up yourself!

decommission and re-set of workspace furniture-  We also break down the furniture and get rid of it if it is found unsafe, unwanted or a surplus of furniture is found in the inventory. 


AK 3/15/16
They go above and beyond, let's just say that! They actually really care about customer s


AK 3/15/16

They go above and beyond, let's just say that! They actually really care about customer satisfaction. The service was incredible. I recommend their services to any business.

LM 3/23/16

Great experience! Wes was very friendly and his team did a great job  in our office removing all the old furniture and installing our new furniture. Everything is always done on time. 

SE  4/17/16

Definitely coming back here! Wes  and his team are phenomenal.  I'll be recommending everyone here. Reasonable prices and friendly service! Thanks so much!!! 

KT 6/25/16

The service was great! They were amazing at having everything on time. They also worked with my difficult schedule.  Overall great service!

KP 5/14/17

These guys are great. Wes is very professional  and they do a great job. Definitely would recommend them. 


SC 5/19/17 

Wes and his team did a great job with the installation. Wes was very friendly and accommodating. Will definitely return to this place and recommend to all my family and friends. 

DO 7/23/17

Definitely will recommend.  Very professional and friendly service. Wes and his team are very knowledgeable about furniture components. 

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FG 8/3/17

I'd give 6 stars if I could. Wes and his team  were great.  And my first installtion was awesome!  Will definitely be back...

PH 8/29/17

I love their work, I have been there few times and every time I'm very satisfied with results, Highly recommend this place.

VN 12/23/18

Wes and his team are incredible. Communication and customer service with office depot is impeccable. I turn to them for all future furniture detailing needs.

NM 3/12/18

Wes does great work and takes pride in his efforts. He also is very reasonable on pricing and will work with you. Best place in Syracuse for furniture detailing. I will be coming back and definitely would recommend his services to anyone.

HT 4/23/18

Great work!  Very thorough, and quick to schedule service.  Will be coming back again!

MT 6/2/18

Yup, this works! Prices are good for the quality of service. Wes was on point with information and service, so was his team. Highly recommended!!

JK 7/2/18

I highly recommend Wes and his crew. They do a great job detailing the furniture at a fair price. Great place to get your furniture detailed. 

About Us

 Offers:  Warehousing of your materials and furniture until you need  it.  Delivery services when you are ready for it.  Decommission the  existing and install the new when you are ready for it.  Debris and  recycling if you need it.  Whether you are moving down the street or  miles away, we are here to make it happen for you.  We offer furniture  repairs, cable management and professional cleaning for  task chairs, partitions, and cubicles.   Detail Office does whatever it  takes to keep your projects moving forward with minimal disruption to  your business.